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How to be safe!
How to prevent Crime!

Safety Tips


we update yearly this page, aswell before the holidays you get a guide in the post that has most of the information!

Pesach Safety Tips

Cleaning and handy help - Do not to leave any valuables (jewelry, money, etc.) within reach or visible to your house help during Pesach preparation.
Deliveries - Don't leave delivery people unsupervised in your home;

Don't leave the door ajar while delivery person is waiting to be paid or tipped;

Don't leave your money exposed.

Keep your belongings inside - To the best of your ability, please avoid leaving belongings on your porch or outside your home (side entrance, backyard, driveway, etc.), even for a short while, as these could be stolen easily, particularly when retiring for the night.

Lock your doors - Keep your doors locked at all times, even during the day and even for a short while, whether you are at home or outside.

Children - Never leave your child unattended, whether walking, in his or her carriage or stroller, on the street, while shopping in a store, or in your car.

Pickpockets - Watch out for pickpockets at all times, particularly while shopping for Yom Tov. Never leave your pocketbook or wallet on a carriage, stroller, store counter, or generally unattended. Be aware of the many tricks pickpockets may use to distract your attention and rob you while you least expect it.

Being followed - Be particularly alert and cautious while withdrawing money from an ATM/ Cash Machine , as you may be watched and followed. Here too, please be aware of the many tricks robbers may use to distract your attention.

If you plan to go away for Yom Tov - It is preferable to leave a key and alarm code with a relative or neighbor who may need to have access to your home in case of emergency. Remember to lock all access to your home (gates, doors, windows) before going away.

Yom Tov guests - Prior to accepting to host a stranger for the sedarim and Yom Tov meals, please make sure you checked his or her references.

If you plan to take children to amusement parks - Please don't leave carriages with infants unattended while watching the other children on the rides. It is advisable to have the children wear an ID tag with their parents' name and cell phone number. Please beware of scam games in amusement parks as these games are designed for all to lose large amounts of money.

Terrorism Awareness

Should you notice a suspicious object, sign with anti-Semitic slogans or graffiti, suspicious individual or vehicle, notify the Police &  Shomrim immediately.

         Please be alert - safety is everyone's business; any suspicion can lead to a pikuach nefesh.
         Shomrim wish you a chag kasher v'same'ach.
        We here 24/7 ready to answer your call on our Emergency Hotline

Purim Safety Tips

Purim is here again! It’s a wonderful holiday – but one where tragedy can strike before you know it.
The Stamford Hill Shomrim Safety Patrol/North West Shomrim Community Patrol wants to advise community residents to use caution and play it safe to keep the joyous laughter from suddenly turning to tears.

Strangers may show up at your door – and may be wearing masks or other costumes. If you let someone you don’t know into your house, be alert and keep your eyes open. Make sure you keep your doors closed and locked, so that the only people coming into your home are those whom you specifically let in – not people who just “wander in”. If you are giving money to tzedakah collectors, keep your money or your checkbook on your person – not laying around where anybody who walks in can pocket it when you’re not looking and walk out with it. You may have a camera or camcorder out to take pictures of friends who come in, but do not leave it carelessly laying around so that someone can walk off with it. Other valuables, such as watches, jewelry, etc., should of course be guarded with the same care. If you wish to give a collector or someone else you don’t know a drink, have the wine or liquor already out and on the table. Don’t leave a stranger alone while you go rummaging in the next room for it. Walk a stranger into your house and walk him or her out again – and do not allow anyone you don’t know to wander around your house (say to the bathroom) unwatched or unescorted.

If a child is going out to collecttzedakah, – even, and especially, a teenager – make sure you know when he or she is leaving, where they are going, with whom, by what route, and what time they expect to come back. Give your child a fully charged cell phone and have him or her call to check in with you at established times. Children under 12 years old should not go out by themselves to collect, or even just to enjoy the holiday, but should go in a group, preferably under adult supervision.
Since Purim falls on erev Shabbos this year, let your children know in advance what time they should be home to begin preparing for Shabbos. With people coming in and out of your house, be sure you know the whereabouts of your younger children, and make sure they do not inadvertently wander off when the door is open. The same is true if you live with elderly family members as well.
Shomrim members would like to enjoy Purim with our families as well and hope we don’t have to be called out to search for a child (or, Alzheimer’s patient or other elderly adult) who has gone missing through carelessness.

Please be advised that it is absolutely illegal for anyone under 18 years old to possess or use alcoholic beverages, and illegal for an older person to give them any. It is also absolutely illegal to drink and drive. Anyone who does so endangers his own life (thus, violating a Torah commandment), endangers the lives of any passengers, and also those of pedestrians in the street and other motorists, and he creates a greatchillul Hashem as well. Nobody who has been drinking, even a little, should drive a car, even if you think you “can handle it” (you probably can’t). Instead, give your keys to someone who has not been drinking, and let them drive. The police will have Patrols up throughout Stamfford Hill.

Drunk drivers are also subject to arrest, jail, fines, and even having their vehicles permanently confiscated by the police – so it’s just not worth it to drive after you’ve had al’chayim or two or three!


If you are collecting for tzedakah, let a family member know where you are going before you go and when you expect to be back, carry identification, and always identify yourself if you go to a home – especially if you are wearing a mask or costume – so people will know you are legitimate. If someone offers to give you a large check – with you giving them back some cash as change – don’t accept the check, and don’t give back change. If someone gives you a large bill, such as £50 or £100, always check it, even if you know the giver (the same holds true for someone giving tzedakah in cash and receiving a large bill as change), as it might be a counterfeit bill, and the giver doesn’t realize it. Before you leave a house, secure any money or cash on your person and don’t casually flash it around.

If you see anything out of the ordinary or suspicious, – whether on Purim or at any other time – don’t hesitate to call the  Shomrim on the Emergency Hotline.

We wish everyone a Happy Purim – AND A SAFE ONE AS WELL.

24 hours a day , seven days a week. We are on the highest alert and are ready to respond.
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